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About us

We work to help those of you who want to have your own website with a cool, modern, responsive design. starting from product landing pages, portfolio web, company web, online store, and others. we can help you at an affordable price and of course full support from us.

Our Services

Web Development

we will create a website with a modern design and fast load speed. You can have the right features for your website. and of course, having a website can increase the credibility of your company

Web Designs

With our services, you can have an attractive and modern web design. We will redesign the appearance of your website according to the character of your company. or create a new fresh design for your website

Web Optimation

A slow website can affect the credibility of your company, many people will leave your company because they opened the website in more than 3 seconds. here we will help and make your website so that it can be accessed faster by others.

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Meet the Team

We completed hundreds of Web jobs with several startups and remote teams. Working Thorough, Discipline, Focus and Honest are the main things.

Pratomo Bowo

Frontend Developer
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Arief Rahman

UX UX Designer
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Suhendra Saputra

Back-End Developer
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